Memorial Hermann

When getting the
message across is critical.

Memorial Hermann Hospital: Making a strong brand even stronger

Memorial Hermann Hospital has a strong brand and a long tradition of service in Houston. But when the noted health care institution wanted to reinforce its brand and underscore its service commitment, the world-renowned healthcare institution came to Limb Design.

Multiple strategies for multiple audiences

Hermann’s objective was to reach out to multiple stakeholders, including staff, patients, benefactors, and the community-at-large. We responded by creating and executing a multi-faceted strategy that went beyond – far beyond – the expected.

For example, we worked with two of the hospital’s locations to help design and develop historic atrium installations. Additionally, we designed and produced books to accompany openings at an art gallery located in the Texas Medical Center location. Our newsletter graphics made Hermann’s outreach to staff and the community easy to read and understand. And when benefactors received invitations to hospital galas and celebrations, they discovered eye-catching, bright, intriguing communications that captured their attention and through the mail clutter.

Successes and awards

Our work on the installations has been well and warmly received, and the gallery books have proved to be a hit with art lovers. Moreover, in addition to attracting big crowds to the hospital’s galas, our invitations have won awards of excellence from the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast. But as much as anything else, Memorial Hermann further demonstrated its commitment to internal and external audiences, making a great brand even greater.